Montchalin’s 2014 US Senate Election Results: Strong At 3%

The Libertarian Party (national) compiled 2014 general election results for the US Senate from across across the country:

In 2014, there were 22 states with Libertarian candidates on the ballot for U.S. Senate. Six candidates got at least 3%. The average Libertarian percentage was 2.3%.

I am one of the 6 Libertarian Candidates, nation-wide, who received 3% or more of the vote!  My final official tally was at 44,916 votes which is 3.01%.  So as an American Libertarian I had a reasonably strong result.

Campaign Spending

$9.3 million – Jeff Merkley

$3.6 million – Monica Wehby

About $1,000 – Mike Montchalin

The take-away is that it takes about $3.5 million to run a credible campaign for the US Senate in Oregon.  I think I could do it for a million dollars.


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