Rampant Cronyism is one of the main reasons I am running for the US Senate. Cronyism is special applications of law for special people and another application for the rest of us.

For example, when someone defaults on their student loan. That is ok. It just follows them for the rest of their life. But when a special corporation faces default, like the American Insurance Group (AIG) defaults, they get an emergency bail-out at taxpayer expense.

For example, When MF Global mixed segregated accounts and then lost the money, nobody went to prison. The people whose accounts were violated lost their money. As recently as August 2014 Jon Corzine was organizing fund raisers for Hillary Clinton.

In short, our whole system of regulation, subsidies and bail-outs enable Cronyism and I am against all of it. Where we see campaign contributions, we can know there is Cronyism.

5 thoughts on “Cronyism

  1. Johnny,

    your website is not loading the article, I cannot learn about your challenges to merkley

    I have a huge Halloween event for 4 children’s charities,
    you would be amazed to learn the road block we are enduring just because we did not select a charity suggested by the mayor of springfield.

    When my ballot came in the mail, I happen to be thumbing through the senators and noticed why the habitat for humanity charity was pounded into my brain,…. because Jeff Merkley
    is the Executive Director.

    I explained to the mayor that Lane County Halloween Festival will not throw the 4 children’s
    charities under the buss. Now our event is in her own words is being “Pushed Against”

    Your opponent is Merkley, what happened to 4 charities on behalf of him is alarming!!!

    1. Mike Montchalin Post author

      Johnny, If I catch your drift, local officials ‘suggest’ that your Halloween Charity donate to their favorite charity rather than your own. That is the kind of Chronyism running rampant in our country. It is not the kind of thing that can be solved by voting for the right candidate.

      Each one of us must take our own permission to do something about it. True change takes place at the most local level with people like you running your Charity for the cause(s) you value.

      You probably have enough on your plate already, but now you have a serving of local Chrony suggestions that needs to be dumped in the garbage can.

      Good luck, and keep me posted.

  2. herb

    Political cronyism. Is that something the prez is good at doing???????????? LOL :=} kinda like an Ebola Czar. I don’t want to sound not concerned about ebola, but it seems to me we have a capable system called CDC.
    The only reason they did it was just political posturing for the democrats in power for they are so concerned of the election that is now upon us. The real problem is so many of the things they have done are not working well and they find themselves in a fix that they cannot fix. So throw more money and a medically inexperienced guy just to show they are doing something. “Oh see what we did, we really tried”. I think they all need to go on the Dr. Phil show starting at the Prez and down the line to all the democratic senate seats that support him. The problem for them is that 85% of people think they are a failure and out of touch of reality, so some of the rats are jumping ship. They would rather drown than go down in flames. The prez’s “list keeps going”. “tatada”.
    They are trying hard to demonize any opposition rather than work together. The blame game being used by adults. get real “whitehouse”.
    They don’t know how to say oops we are sorry its not working good, just throw more money at it, that will fix it???????????????????????????????? right???

    Mike thanks for your efforts and I have a oval pencil mark beside your name on the ballot. go get them.

  3. Rosemary McGaughy

    Waste, fraud and abuse should not be tolerated in the private or public sectors. Many of these behaviors are implemented though a variety of passive aggressive tactics that promote deception and do not give people a clear or accurate picture of reality. An increase in awareness and accountability is probably the best remedy for situations such as these. I would like to see our resources used in the best possible way, improving the quality of life for those who are dedicated to that principle. A true sense of honesty and fairness towards the greater good is necessary for ensuring a harmonious balance in any society. Those who cannot demonstrate a capacity for this should not be in positions of power in business, politics or family life.

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