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    1. Mike Montchalin Post author

      ISIS – The US has been the worst violator of human rights, national sovereignty, and peace in the world over the last 14 years. The only one who has anything to show for it is Obama. He got a Peace Prize. The rest of us should reflect on where our country was at the turn of the century; where we have gone; and what we have become. There is no pennance or apology that will absolve us for what we have brought to the Middle East.

      The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 in response to the Bi-Party promotion of the Vietnam War, Nixon’s non-market Wage and Price Controls, and his abandonment of The Gold Standard.

      Now, forty years later, Libertarians are in the most difficult position of righting the consequences of American agression with our Non-Agression Principal. It would have been so much easier if we had come to Congress before these agressions had taken place, instead of after.

      Libertarians see the right to defense as a basic human right. All people have the right to self defense. We should expect an active defense from Iraqis and suspect our news media’s version of what is going on. Beheadings are probably real. That is what we should expect in that part of the world.

      It is time to get out. It will probably take two generations to recover from the ill will we created in the Middle East.

    2. Mike Montchalin Post author

      Ebola – The incubation period can be up to 3 weeks and in Liberia the mortality rate is 50% – 90%. Transmission is believed to be by bodily fluids. The fear is that it will become transmissible via aerosol, i.e. by sneezing. And the effect of West African humidity versus the controlled climate of a hospital with less humidity is unknown. The initial symptoms are flu-like.

      So this is the perfect virus for either a panic-demic (flu) or a pandemic. The vectors of transmission would be along Interstate Freeways and from airline hub to airline hub. The three week incubation period would contribute to the spread, and fear. Very efficient!

      And now Ebola has claimed a fatality in Texas and a lot of people have been exposed.

      Two exposed nurses self-quarantined themselves, (got bored?) and went on a cruise. ?Huh?? Belize and Mexico refused them dockage. Paying passengers must have been outraged. The nurse self-quarantined them self in their cabin. This cruise-ship environment is perfect for mob action where they take matters into their own hands and toss the ‘self-quarantined exposed person overboard. (Which I do not advocate, and did not happen.)

      Obama appointed a Czar, as though he were following a script our of “Atlas Shrugged” where promotions and power are based on pull and need rather than ability and right. Then shirking blame is the vehicle for maintaining ones position.
      The current paradigm is antithetical to ours. Libertarians would not order troops to Liberia to fight Ebola, as Obama has done and Ron Paul has decried. Libertarians might go of their own account and desire to help, but would never order someone else to go.

      The current paradigm is top-down and authoritarian. The Libertarian approach would be voluntary and market-based. Rather than being centrally mandated, it would be distributive, redundant, and variable reflecting local individual’s values and will to do something.

      As attractive as it might be for the authoritarian government to control the spread of Ebola by issuing walking-passes and checking them, Libertarians would see it as a waste of money similar to the War On Terror.

      If Ebola is easily transmissible in the American environment the authoritarian approach will prove as ineffective at containing Ebola as it is in containing the flu. Salvation will depend on radical self discipline at the local-est of levels: the individual. Individually each one of us will have to voluntarily isolate our self if we suspect exposure so as to save those nearest to him.

      For guidance we can consider a nomadic culture when a member of the family can no longer move. Or consider the Jewish laws regarding isolation of sores suspected of being leprous.

      I doubt many Libertarians are interested in expensive federal exercises in futility at every threat on the horizon.

  1. Iamthebeast Ssotlohiefmjns

    I think Obama should be put to death in Public for being a fraud and illegal President who is a Kenyan citizen and not a US born American. I think we should cut off trade and support to Kenya to punish his origin nation and he should be execute via impalement at the White House on the lawn his remains sent back to Kenya, his family stripped of wealth , all his work over thrown.
    I think ISIS should be fought by support to any US citizens and Military Persons who volunteer to fight ISIS in a unified unit of American forces that we the people assist through the government for tanks,jeeps, planes, bombs, guns, and any and all weapons to use against them for the length of the war needs.
    I think all nations who have been Identified as having Ebola or any other epidemic health situation should not be allowed to fly into the USA at any time. Should not be allowed to even touch our aircraft or ships in any manner. Should be cut off from all funds and help from us as they are diseased and thus cursed by God.

    1. Holly

      Barack Obama Jr., 44th president of the United States, was born in Honolulu which makes him a natural born citizen of the United States. He has provided long and short-form birth certificates that have been assessed and approved by Hawaii officials. Anyone who is not born a natural born citizen of the United States cannot be president as per the Natural-born-citizen clause stated in the U.S. constitution. Some confusion comes about because only one of his parents were natural born citizens. Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was not a natural born citizen, he was born a citizen of Kenya.

  2. herb

    President obama. Purposely with a small O. Since he is a small thinking (his way or the highway) non-patriotic president. He is unlawfully changing laws to suit his presidency.
    One can look at why he is this way, he loved his father, who is on record of hating USA. This is why he is behaving this way. He’s ruining our country on purpose because that is what his father wanted. Now we need him out of office and we have chickens in congress afraid to use the impeachment act. There are a lot of democrat’s changing their minds about him. Now is the time to do it, before he is successful with his machinations. Look he has been methodical in his attempts. One after the other. I don’t need to list them all since we all know it. From using the IRS for limiting conservative groups to all these
    I think there are many people that feel this way but afraid to speak out for fear of being called a racist. We are a melding pot of peoples. Our forefathers came to this great land and went through the lawful way to citizenship. We are yellow, white, black,and red and whatever color ya want to add. It’s’ time for that to end. They called wolf long enough over it, now we have to end it. It’s time for all of us who can to head to Washington to straighten things out. We are not racist’s but highly concerned over our country’s falling into the obama abyss. It is very deep and his cowboy boots are not tall enough, for the poop level is rising to his chin,

    Send him to his buddies in the taliban and al qaeda. He must be helping them for he isn’t helping us. He is even letting those in countries south of us, invade us. It has to stop…………….???????????? opps no questions about this one.

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