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    1. Mike Montchalin Post author

      I believe Medical Marijuana probably has lots of medical uses, most of which were discovered in spite of government prohibition. It is a good example of how it would be best for all concerned if the government would shrink to basic essentials.

      I also believe that leaving scientific, medical, emotional, religious, market, ethical & etc. questions up to politicians is a horrendous mistake. That is why I am a Libertarian. I try not to lay my trip on other people and will try to pare back government.

      Measure 92 is GMO labeling. The problem is our government giving companies patents for genes and then passing legislation which holds companies harmless for contamination.

      Contamination is probably more prevalent than we think. And GMO Labeling would be another government failure that makes some people feel good.

      GMOs (like medical marijuana) are not essential functions of government. Both of these should be governed through market forces where providers are subject to common law torts. And quality assurance is determined by market forces which might include private research companies like Snopes or Wikipedia or just user feedback like ebay and Amazon.

      Being an Oregon voter, I plan to vote against GMO labeling. I think it will give people a false sense of security. I do not trust the government to implement it effectively. I think it is up to us, individually, to always be vigilant as to what these companies are really doing. Our number one order of business is to get rid of hold-harmless legislation and hold-harmless politicians who we can identify by their huge campaign sums.

    1. Mike Montchalin Post author

      I believe life begins at conception. The Non-Agression Principle usually trumps Self-Ownership in these cases because we are obliged, individually, to share the most basic, and only the most basic, items of sustenance with those closest to us. I do not believe there are any rights based on class or status as a result of birth. I do believe in rights based on our humanity. The most basic are our individual rights to self-ownership and our individual right to our life. The Libertarian Party of Oregon explains the Libertarian way of thinking about abortion masterfully:
      Libertarianism holds no official position on the issue of abortion. A Libertarian applies principles to formulate a personal opinion on any number of issues. On the issue of abortion the majority of Libertarians would be against abortion based on the application of the non-aggression principle.  Then there may be Libertarians who side with choice based on private property rights, in other words, your body is your most sacred private property and trespassers may be removed. The one caveat is that Libertarians also recognize there can be extraordinary situations that need to be evaluated on a case by case basis by the individuals involved and that a one size fits all solution is no solution at all.
      Libertarians do agree that society should be organic and not engineered by central planners that are far removed from the families and communities that their interventions interfere with. Libertarians believe that the use of force by government to enforce a pro choice position or pro life position is not acceptable. That a culture should grow through dialogue and persuasion, community mores, and family values. This can be achieved by removing government incentives that has made the family unit financially and socially irrelevant to raising children in an economical sense. A strong family base with principled behaviors, modeled by the adults, is the natural way to raise children. These children then can mature into principled adults, who then value human life. In the end a society is best off living organically and not driving any behaviors underground with coercive laws. It is best to minimize certain human actions. However, trying to eliminate certain human actions only achieves negative and unintended consequences in the long run.”

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