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11 thoughts on “Immigration

    1. Mike Montchalin Post author

      Being an Oregon voter, I plan to vote for Measure 88.

      I do not think I will change my mind as Measure 88 has no effect on the Real ID Act of 2005. Measure 88 is a consequence of Oregon’s failure to resist the Real ID Act. Measure 88′s passage will not contribute or detract from the Real ID Act.

      If I win election to the US Senate, I will be in Washington D.C. I believe our Federal servants must yield to Oregonians’ own decisions. I do not believe the Federal Government should be dictating to the States what they should be doing within their own borders.

      I oppose the Real ID Act. And so did Ron Paul. The Federal Government has no business dictating to States how they manage their drivers licenses, or how private businesses decide how to use individual identification, or whether a private business verifies individual identification.

      According to the Department of Homeland Security, Oregon is a state that has an extension for compliance with the Real ID Act of 2005. The extension expires 10/10/2014. The extension can be renewed.

      1. Jacob Hayes

        Voting in favor of Measure 88 is allowing illegals to drive when they aren’t a registered citizen. I’m appalled and against the fact that you would allow them to live here and use our resources to survive when our own heritage is at risk. Your not gaining votes by allowing them. Your ensuring your own loss.

        1. Just a Friend

          What makes you think that your heritage is at risk? And if it was, why would that be a result of letting other people drive? Illegals only need to get to and from work/school like everybody else. It does not harm anybody else. Safety, some say. Really? People that were born here or came here legally are perfect drivers and would never make a mistake and get involved in an accident? Why so much negativity? I think it’s just that we get a little jealous sometimes that these people end up with better jobs than some of us. No question about it, there are people that are here just to cause trouble, but the rest just want to feed their families and have a good life. Don’t we all want that? Most people are not here to rob banks. Most people earn their money with all their effort. People just want to drive. If we fear some of these people are stealing our jobs, lets better ourselves and succeed even further. Let’s reach new heights. Let’s not do the jobs that no one else wants to do, but the jobs that no one else can do. Let’s work smart.

          1. Mike Montchalin Post author

            As an Oregon voter I am for the Driver’s Card. I am for measure 88. For me it is a matter of the Golden Rule. A lot of these people have been here for a long time and have families, are paying taxes, and are buying houses and cars.

            The Libertarian Primary, which was payed for by donations, had a poll for the party membership on the likely measures. 70% of the Libertarians opposed the Drivers Card.
            I am among the 30% in favor of the Driver’s Card.

            The card is not going to make anyone flock anywhere. People come here only looking for work. And the more people there are working, the more opportunity others have to create businesses and jobs.

            Utah, as a state, is very welcoming to undocumented people.

  1. Iamthebeast Ssotlohiefmjns

    I think that the harshest treatment of illegal aliens is best for America. We are bursting with too many people as it is, I advocate that illegal aliens once ID is assured they are illegal, then their children if born in the USA should be removed to placement in USA foster homes or orphanages, their valuables such as money, cars, guns, clothes other then state issued burlap clothes, properties all and any should be confiscated to the state of Oregon and each state, their return or exportation to nation of origin should be made after they receive
    a cane inflicted corporal punishment of at least 100 swats for 1st time offense, in cases where they are ID as repeat offenders, I urge execution of them or long term trade into work programs in China or other poor nations basically bonded servants. I urge absolute defense of the border with armed guards of Marine Snipers to shoot all incoming crossings in a zone strip. I urge the end of Nafta. I urge the end of all immigration into America from any and all nations. I urge the end of all visa for work and school in America to any and all
    aliens. Only through America for America can we prosper our actual overall lives and give prosperity and peace to our people. I urge a 6 month campaign of public education of the changes coming by these tactics and in this period a time for illegals to return back to nations of origin and or turn themselves into US government to assist their removal without
    loss of children or possessions once the program changes take effect.
    Hard tactics are the only way to end the crimes of these people in stealing from us the people of these United States. We have over 40 million illegal immigrants needing to be deport and beaten to teach them we are American and no part of us in Mexican.

    1. For educated America

      Question for you: Are you a Native American? or are you one of those whose fathers and grand fathers crossed the ocean and killed 90% of Native Americans? It’s about ending any emigration. Should YOU go back to the country of your and your family origin?
      I am an immigrant. I am proud of it. I am legal. I can drive legally. I can work legally.
      This country is lacking education. Look at intel, Mirosoft, Boing, IBM or any other company that require scientists. Who works there as engineers and scientists? People who were born in the US? No. The most of them are emigrants. People from India, Russia or former Soviet Union countries. Yes, a lot of Americans by birth work there on the conveyors making part and putting peaces together.
      I am not saying that some jobs are better that others. I am saying that some Americans by birth should educate themselves.
      This country was built on emigrants. Hopefully emigrants will make some Americans by birth to “grow”.

  2. herb

    Our southern borders are in shambles with the withering flood across it. Pat Buchanan said the other day a manned outpost every ” I think ” 10 miles. Now I don’t follow the man but happened to catch it. I think it would be a positive way to make the border crossing much more difficult. That along with electronic sensors in between that run speakers with Spanish saying, ” You have been detected crossing illegally. Turn back before you are arrested. Then let them know it would not be a common cushy cell that are common in the USA prisons and jails. See they know we are soft and are taking advantage of our good nature. It is just another way to cut in line. I thought we took a dim view line cutting, It is just a form of “I am better than you so I deserve to be before you”. Inequality????? Take a look at how their prisons are then make copies of them, for them to lay over in. It is just to damn easy for them.

    It used to be that they would come here illegally and have babies here. Now they just send the kids then wait for a call to come to the US to where the kids are. Oh they may as well stay. right?????????

    We restrict the flow at crossings but the windows are wide open. Yup this one belongs in this category. “The common sense of us all”

  3. Steven Cook (@RealStigShady)

    You and I agree on most issues, but I take a much more lawful look at immigration. Simply put, the Driver ID cards reward lawbreakers. The act of providing them with Driver ID cards will not make Oregon’s roads any safer. The fact that they have not bothered to become citizens, or at least legal residents, provides no evidence that they have any interest in following other laws, such as traffic laws; arguably, rewarding them with a DIDC will make the roads MORE dangerous.

    Measure 88 is one more example of illegal immigrants being granted privileges that natural-born citizens like me would be fined or arrested for. What would happen to me, or to you, if pulled over and found without a valid driver’s license? I’m voting “No”.

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