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My Response to Mr. Merkley’s Candidate Statement Bullets:

  • Government does not create good paying jobs except at the expense of other jobs within the Free-Market private productive sector. Jeff Merkley’s idea of willy-nilly “investing in infrastructure” is a huge mistake because it is not Market-motivated. Willy-nilly non-market construction is a waste of labor, money and resources. Mr. Merkley and his friends haven’t a clue as to what needs to be built and what doesn’t. Willy-nilly construction is a freeway to poverty. Come to Pendleton and take the Road To Nowhere, which was Gordon Smith’s, Ron Wyden’s and City Hall’s multi-million dollar contribution to waste.

  • Currency manipulation hurts the manipulator a lot more than it hurts their trade partners because it distorts its own markets first and causes distorted price signals. Unfortunately, the US is the number one currency manipulator and it hurts us more than any other country.

  • End tax breaks to Big Oil? We all need simpler tax forms and less taxes. Investing is not a government function. Governments spend. The less the better. Investing in renewable energy is not an essential function of government. Investing in renewable energy should be left to non-profits whos goal is to lose money.

  • End the war in Afghanistan(!) Finally a good idea, then Mr. Merkley wants to spend: “and invest the savings in education and infrastructure.” Alternatively, I, Mike Montchalin would want to use the savings to pay down the national debt.

  • Mr. Merkley wants to give students a low interest rate, the same as big banks. The problem with his nice dream is that interest rates represent the time-value of money. It is a huge variable. It is not the same for every lender and every borrower. Things like risk enter into interest rates. For Mr. Merkley to suggest he can intervene and can provide such a freebie only shows that he is oblivious to the fact that it can only be done by stealing from someone else, like a taxpayer. Somebody has to subsidize a loan to create a lower interest rate.

  • Equal pay for equal work” is fine for automatons where we are all the same and equal, but… My dad had a friend who was an over-achiever. He was a Lawyer, an engineer, a surveyor, a pilot, a septic tank installer, and a member of MENSA. He charged twice as much as most lawyers. Why? Because he was the Swiss Army Knife of lawyers. In some cases he might be worth the price because of all of those talents and licenses wrapped up in one person. Equal pay for equal work” falls back to the “Labor theory of value.” Austrian economists believe value is subjective. I believe value is subjective and we are not automatons. I disagree with Mr. Merkley.

  • It is dangerous to let the federal government decide which lives can be taken and which can not. I believe life begins at conception. In the messy world of life people will be lost in all kinds of ways along the way. The federal government is the last place we should look for guidance.

  • Get the federal government out of sex, marriage, and special treatment based on status, including marital status.

  • Aid to the old, ill, disabled, and needy must come before war and other expensive federal agendas. We must come to realize that our economic vitality has been squandered over the last century by permitting our federal government to usurp individual wealth, rights and responsibilities while denying well understood Free-Market principles. Jeff Merkley is the poster-boy of denial and must answer to the next generation who he is encumbering with debt.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Merkley

  1. Janette

    Thank you, Mr. Montchalin, You have answered my questions. It’s good to know where our candidates stand on important issues. I can see by your answers that the principles you stand for are honorable. I will seriously consider this in the next few weeks. Again, thank you for your time and consideration in your responses!

  2. Tim

    Mr. Montchalin,

    I am a registered Libertarian but I still vote for the candidate I believe to be the best person for the job. After researching all the candidates in the U.S. Senator race for Oregon I am pleased to determine that person is you. Best of luck in the election and thank you for your willingness to serve.


    Tim Couch
    Seal Rock

  3. Tami

    No matter how valid your points may be, they would seem more intelligent if you were spelling your opponent’s names correctly. Attention to detail is critical and you should edit your page.

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