Oathkeepers Converge On Burns Supporting Oregon Ranch Family

Oathkeepers are gathering in Burns, Oregon to offer support to Dwight & Steven Hammond who are scheduled to report to Federal Prison on Monday 1/4/2016 for their Arson conviction which was the result of a grass burn gone awry.

A Town Hall meeting was held in Burns Friday night where out-of-area Oathkeepers answered questions. Pete Santilli, provided a live feed to his youtube video channel of the Town Hall meeting.

From about 10am, Saturday 1/2/14, Pete Santilli has provided a live feed from the Safeway parking lot in Burns, Oregon.

Pete Santilli had been a key alternative source of information during the Bundy confrontation in Nevada in 2013.

Here is his live feed from Burns, Saturday 01/02/2016.


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