Pete Santilli – Most Dependable Malhuer Refuge Live Stream

Pete Santilli, an independent journalist from Ohio is out-pressing all of the mainstream with his iphone by streaming LIVE up to youtube. In the link below he has left his iphone in the back of a van as he sets up for a news conference Friday 1/8/16 at the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge.

Many people are coming into the refuge withou fear. A garbage truck comes in and the driver has no fear. Local ranchers come and go. Civilians from all over are coming. Several nice SUVs and pickups arrived, which Pete’s co-host, mis-identified as locals, were really Idaho patriots or 3-percenters.

The Occupiers demands are simple: Release the Hammonds and transfer Federal ownership to State, County or private ownership to conform to constitutional limits on land ownership. The Occupiers say they will leave when they see the process is well under way.

Note that they are not demanding anything for themselves. They are restoring local authority to locals. In their view the federal government has devastated local wealth and have damaged the local environment by going beyond the limits outlined in the Constitution.

Please let me know what you think.

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