2 thoughts on “Veterans

    1. Mike Montchalin Post author

      Oregon has to take care of its Veterans by honoring its obligations to its veterans.

      Wealth creation is imperative. That means government needs to shrink itself and get out of the way of production and let the market start driving prices down.

      I am certain that non-market economic activity is counter-productive. When an unneeded road is built, it diverts resources from productive work towards wasteful work. In regards to Oregon’s veterans, Oregon must be very careful building things that do not need to be built as it draws away from resources that are already spoken for by the states obligations to veterans.

      I am running for a Federal office. And the same principle applies, attend to the Federal obligations. Veterans are one of those. More wars and creating more veterans is not an obligation of the Federal government.

      Thanks for asking and feel free to check back and ask again or comment again.

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